Pakistan Detectors Trading Pvt Ltd

Exclusive Distributor of Doogee in Pakistan

About Us

As exclusive official Partners of DOOGEE phones, the Pakistan Detectors Trading Pvt. Ltd is on its mission to introduce high end, low cost and fashionable smartphones to the Pakistani people. Already making a thunderous buzz in Pakistan, DOOGEE phones are now available in stores at every location near you.

Certified by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, we are proud to exhibit the finest cutting edge materials and user friendly functionality a phone can offer.


Our vision is to empower Pakistanis to step up towards the technology curve and thrive with the latest communication gateways the era has to offer. Our technology is based on innovative and mind invoking architecture that focuses on convenience, performance and elegance, all combined into one handheld master piece of brilliance.

As we deeply believe that technology with value should, and must be affordable to the everyone, we have introduced top of the line features in all affordable packages so everyone can reap the benefits of DOOGEE phones.

Winning the Market

We want every Pakistani to pursue their dreams, challenge their barriers and live a proactive life to achieve their goals. To oversee this aspect, we have made DOOGEE phones more than what meets the eye, an experience of extraordinary ability and belief that everyone can afford.

Built with premium quality materials and state of the art technology that facilitates unparalleled performance in an unbeatable price, DOOGEE is expected to capture a landslide consumer percentage in just a matter of time. With already an incredible feedback from our consumer base, we are confident our products will make every smartphone user’s dream a reality.

Our commitment hoisted colors at our first sponsorship of the Spanish football team Villarreal C.F in Europe, which established another milestone, helping us get even closer to setting a benchmark of tech superiority in the World.